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Our Mixologist Steffini Sellers will meet with you at your establishment to evaluate and provide an assessment of your organizational and operational systems, your cocktail culture and menu.
We will discuss options for specialized craft cocktail concepts to enhance your unique venue and attract new customers.


Do you need help with speed and efficiency behind the bar?

Organizing yourself and everything at your bar is the first step to achieving maximum efficiency, here are some tips on how you can do that.

We can help.


Unique Cocktails Define Your Venue


The Pacific Coast Highway, or the “PCH” if you’re a local, is the land of sunshine and sandy beaches and where you’ll find mixologist, Steffini Sellers, artfully crafting designer drinks in her never-ending quest to “make something that no one has ever tasted before.”


From her proprietary blends of exotic, infused elixirs and "Edible Earth" garnishes, to her sixth sense in curating and orchestrating new and diverse flavor profiles, Steffini creates designer cocktails that can only be described as an unexpected rhapsody of flavors that "ambush the senses and confound the tongue", to three words that she hears a lot: "What is this!" and "Can you make me another!?"


Steffini has been designing craft cocktails for nearly 20 years and has worked for over a decade with “Southern Hospitality” “SOHO,” a premiere events coordinator, which meshes perfectly with her desire to define and integrate her rich life experiences and love for diversity
consistent with the goals and uniqueness of each event.

Does Your Cocktail Menu Reflect and Enhance Your Brand?

Your menu is one of your best marketing tools. It’s one of the first things a guest sees on the table, and it sends a message about who you are, what you do and how you do it.

We can help.

"We will work with you to create that unique cocktail experience!"

– Steffini Sellers, Mixologist & Senior Director, First Step Beverage


Craft & Culture Mobile Bar

Looking for something different and fun for your event or business?
Give your guests something to talk about as they are professionally served an entire evening of delicious drinks and outstanding service.
This mobile cocktail bar experience delivers beautifully crafted cocktails using an exclusive line of innovative bitters and infused syrups while introducing some of the best emerging new spirits brands available today.

Are you marketing effectively, or serving up the same old stuff?

The majority of bars & restaurants tend to post the same thing: An advertisement of their latest special or featured menu item. They often project an “all about me” mentality, which isn’t the right way to interact with customers online or face-to-face.

We can help.

Bringing the Best of Innovative Adult Beverage Brands To You.

At First Step Beverage, we build a custom marketing and selling strategy that starts with identifying your true customer. Each of our strategies include both traditional person to person relationship selling and marketing strategies that evolves and adapts to real time engagement. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you.

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